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Beachfront Hotels in Gambia (26+)

*Most of the direcory's list has hotel websites, photos, contact addresses, phone numbers, emails & some reviews.
African Village Hotel 2 star
Location:  On Bakau cliff facing Atlantic Ocean & main road
Rooms: 73 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
A 2 star accommodation on the edge of a cliff with raised, man-made sunbathing area. All rooms are en-suite with twin or double beds.
Bijilo Beach Hotel 3 star
Location:  In Bijilo, quiet seafront
Rooms: 52 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
This is a 3 star hotel in a large complex. It being on a sloping hill it has superb sea views. En-suite bedrooms with double bed, bathroom / shower, toilet & shaver plug.
Boboi Beach Lodge
Location:  In Kartong beachfront, south west Gambia
Rooms: 15  
Camping area Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: These are either basic round huts, or sea view bungalows (more space) on the seaside; well away from main tourist areas and 60km from Banjul. Shared bathing facilities and toilets. There is a designated campsite within their same area.
Bungalow Beach Hotel 3 Star
Location:   In Kotu Strand
Rooms: 122 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
?img src="images/clear.gif" width="1" height="1"> Review: A family-friendly 3 star tourist-class accommodation with standard holiday apartments and deluxe apartments (A/C, TV) all with private bathroom, kitchenette, and living area.
Cape Point Hotel
Location:    Cape Point, 50m to oceanfront / estuary border
Rooms: 74 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
A 2 star hotel on the beach. Suitable for lone travellers and families. It is close to restaurants, taxis, bars and FX bureaus.
Coco Ocean Resort & Spa 5 star
Location:  In Bijilo, slope & seafront
Rooms: 89 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
?Review: A top-notch 5 star deluxe hotel on the sands with en-suite bedrooms, villas and 9 swimming pools. They provide a broad selection of room options, services and facilities.
Dunes Resort Hotel
Location:  On Kololi waterfront, near Palma Rima
Rooms: 24 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
A 3 star hotel on the seashore with Premium (sleeps 4, ocean views) and Deluxe suites (sleeps 2), furnished to quality standard. *Special discounts for kids.
Flourish Wellness Resort
Location:  In Kotu Point, near Palma Rima
Rooms: 40 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: Flourish is a group of 2 storey buildings around a swimming pool and located between 2 tourist resorts so its beaches are much less crowded. Pick between studios and 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with private shower / WC. The ground's layout is a bit unimaginative with the setting out of the buildings.
Golden Beach Hotel 3 star
Location:  On Bijilo oceanfront
Rooms: 26 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
A 2 star property on a peaceful section of coast and near the main coastal rd. 26 hotel rooms with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, and family apartments.
Halahin Lodge
Location:    Kartong, on a nearly deserted rural coastline
Rooms: - huts  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: These are very simple shore based en-suite huts, with 1 double bed and seating area. It's located 60km from the capital of Banjul, on a near deserted beach in the southernmost part of the west coast.
Holiday Beach Club
Location:  Kololi, Senegambia
Rooms: 80 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C? Bar & Restaurant ✔
The complex has single rooms to family suites sleeping 4, all with private bathroom / toilet. It is located about 165m to the Atlantic Oceanfront.
Jinack Lodge
Location:  Jinack Island, on a near deserted shoreline, north bank
Rooms: 4 huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔  
Each of the Atlantic estuarine accommodation huts has its own private shower and flushing toilet. The island retreat uses solar panels to power the basic essentials such as lighting.
Kairaba Hotel 4 star
Location:  Kololi Senegambia strip, Atlantic Oceanfront
Rooms: 156 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: The Kairaba is a popular 4 star, tourist standard seafront hotel on the Senegambia strip, with a full range of hospitality facilities and services, several restaurants and bars. Various en-suite room options from solo, couples to families.
Kololi Beach Resort
Location:   In Kololi, near Bijilo Forest Park
Rooms: 114 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
The accommodation is located next to Bijilo Forest Park with a good road leading directly to the Senegambia Strip. The clubshare has 1 or 2 bedroom en-suite apartments and villas with private balcony or patio, lounge, dining, air-conditioning and fully equipped kitchens.
Kombo Beach Hotel 4 Stars
Location:   In Kotu Strand
Rooms: 250 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: This is a popular, family friendly 4 star hotel with a wide choice of services, facilities and room options. A Standard suite sleeps up to 3 guests and has a bathroom or shower / toilet.
Labranda Coral Beach Resort 5 Star
Location:   On Brufut Heights cliff down to sands
Rooms: 181 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
The Coral Beach is a 5 star luxury hotel which starts along the coastal road and continues to the Atlantic Ocean front. They provide a large choice of traveller facilities, services & bedroom suite options in opulent surroundings.
Laico Atlantic Hotel 4 star
Location:  In Banjul capital, between the ocean & river mouth
Rooms: 204 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
On the beachfront where the ocean meets the river. A well-established 4 star tourist standard lodgings with various bedroom options such as Interconnecting rooms available for families, with private bathroom and WC plus a full choice of traveller facilities and services.
Lemon Creek Hotel 3 Stars
Location:   In Bijilo, incline, down to the sand
Rooms: - Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
The establishment is a blend of Afro-Hispanic designed interiors, and has en-suite bedrooms with air-conditioning that can sleep 2 to 3 people.
Leo's Beach Hotel
Location:  In Brufut Heights, quiet residential area
Rooms: 5 double, 1 suite Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: The property is in a minimalist, Contemporary style design with sea views. It has 5 double and 1 suite with 2 rooms, all en-suite. There are neat, manicured lawns with a grand pool and garden sunbathing and relaxing areas.
Leybato Hotel
Location:   In Fajara M Section shoreline
Rooms: 17 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Self-catering ✔
Leybato has beachfront rooms in Gambian styled round huts or line houses, shower and toilet.
Madiyana Safari Lodge
Location:  On Jinack Island, west facing
Rooms: 8 huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
The eco-lodge has 8 huts, each sleeping 2 guests on a near deserted island shoreline. It has shared bathing facilities and toilet.
Mansea Beach Hotel 3 Stars
Location:   In Kololi
Rooms: 128 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
Mansea is a 3 star accommodation with an adequate selection of services and facilities.
Nemasu Eco-Lodge
Location:   Between Gunjur & Kartong, sand dunes & coastal flats
Rooms: 8 hut, palapas Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ Self-catering ✔
?Review: 8 custom made, carefully crafted huts built with mostly local, natural materials. Various room sizes and options, sleeping 1 to 4 persons, with private shower and toilet.
Ngala Lodge 5 Stars
Location:   On Fajara cliff & exclusive main road
Rooms: 24 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
?Review: A luxury, 5 star boutique mansion on a coastal cliff, with17 bedroom suites, each sleeping 2 people, and a top-tier restaurant.
Nyanya's Beach Lodge
Location:   In Tanji, river estuary, main road & near fishing village
Rooms: - Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔  
?Review: The lodge is permeated by fishy, smokey smells from the nearby fish curing houses. Litter often fouls the shoreline. Worth visiting only for the refreshments at their bar.
Ocean Bay Hotel 4 Stars
Location:  In Cape Point, mostly sandy, some rocky outcrops
Rooms: 195 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is a 4 star resort with a broad choice of lodging facilities and services. Pick from deluxe and premium suites to family apartments and executive maisonettes.
Palm Beach Hotel 2 stars
Location:   At Kotu Stream / shoreline & creek border
Rooms: 164 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔  Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is a 2 star resort, next to Kotu Stream, providing holiday accommodation at reasonable rates.

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