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Currency of Gambia

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Money Information
Comprehensive information about the Dalasi currency, cost of things, bargaining advice, debit / credit card acceptability, forex services, tipping, taxis, shopping, images of paper notes & more.
Currency Converter & Exchange Rates
Convert online various currencies such as the UK Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Kroner etc. using a few websites & find out today's rate of exchange for the Dalasi.
Photos of Money
See various images of banknotes & coins from the Butut, D5 note & more.
History of the Dalasi
Background information on the legal tender.
How Much Do Things Cost?
See the average prices of things such as restaurant meals, hotel room rates, rentals, mineral water, soft drinks, milk, petrol etc.
Money Transfer Companies To Gambia
Find firms based in EU, UK, USA & worldwide for sending remittances.

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