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Music Downloads
MP3 streaming music downloads for free - traditional Gambian Kora players to  Ndaga (Mbalax), Reggae & Senegambian musicians.
Gambia Music Videos
Featuring dozens of free streaming downloads & artist's official websites.
Gambia Talents Promotion also on Facebook
Features the musical talents of Gambia with profiles & a few downloads.

Gambian Culture
Links & information on many musicians & culture of Gambia.
This is a portal for contemporary and traditional sounds along with forthcoming concerts.
Alhajie Mbye
A griot and Kora player from a 'jali' family going back generations. You can listen to samples of his music on the website.
Amadou Bansang Jobarteh School of Music
The local institution was set up to integrate music and academic studies specialising in Manding music. Kids are taught the Kora, Balafon, drums, singing & dance.
Cora Connection
The leading resource for the Kora and Manding Music since 1996. Features online music samples, artist profiles, history of the Mandinka people and of course the Mandinka harp-lute.
Dance Hall Masters
An award winning rap group trio of singers namely: Daddy Sam (Mam Balla Joof), Brother Coms (Lamin Fatty) and Mr. P.
Daniel Jatta
A Jola musician/scholar from Mandinary, living in Sweden, he pioneered the folkloric and organological study and documentation of his people's principal folk instrument, the akonting (spelled ekonting in French transliteration). It's a plucked lute.
Kasumai Dunia
Kasumai Dunia organises West African dancing and djembe workshops in schools and at companies in the Netherlands and Gambia.

Kora / Ngoni
Ebou Gaye Mada
Ebou is based in the Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is a passionate singer, songwriter and percussionist from Banjul capital.
Foday Musa Suso
Foday Musa Suso is an internationally recognized Kora player and a Griot of the Mandingo tribe.
Gambian Griot School of Music
Learn to play the Kora, Balaphone & djembe drums as well as West African dance. Locate in Fajikunda, a quiet part of Serrekunda.
Jalex Superstar
A Gambian solo artist who performs with an Afro-Afric style of music whose new album is called  "Soma Alfaa". See him perform on video on Youtube.
Jalikebba Kuyateh
He is the head of the Jalikebba Kuyateh & Group, an ensemble, which fuses traditional and modern African music.
Jali Yusupha Kuyateh [in German]
The website of the master of Kora music from the Manding tribe.
Kaira Kunda Arts
The archived site of Kora player Pa Bobo Jobarteh and The Kaira Band, from Brikama in The Gambia, West Africa.
King Marong
Traditional Gambian musical dance and workshops of Ebrima Marong located in Australia and Gambia.
Kora Jaliya
A comprehensive portal of information and links about the art of West African instrument from Harald Loquenz

Listen All
On Dembo Jobarteh's CDs you'll find songs dating back to the time of the great Mali empire. The site includes free sample tracks.

The music school is in the nearby Gambian village of Nema Kunku. The resident master musician is Alagi M'Bye.
Manding Jata [Canada]
His performances feature 800 years of Manding (Mali Empire) cultural arts being the Kora, Bambara balafons, ngoni, djembe drum ensemble, flutes, dance, masquerade, acrobatics and Mande songs of celebration and oral traditions.
Mandingo Warrior [Denmark]
A half-Gambian reggae star living in Denmark with a new-age roots style.
Music of The Gambia [Wikipedia]
Information and history of Gambian music.

Dutch based band combining African percussion players and Dutch horn players.
Pa Omar Jack
The latest Mbalax sensation playing on the radio station airwaves. His album, titled 'Niniyo', is a blend of mainstream 'Dndakaru' made Ndaga & acoustic, which features the creative fingers of Papis Konateh, Wole Rendall, Kebba Taylor and  others.
Reason Yard Production
Reason Yard is a contemporary, multi purpose youth movement with an aim of modernizing and distinguishing the Gambian music scene. Among the its featured artists are David J, Youter, Man Cure, Rising Flame, D Sheikh, Rap Money, Rex Culture, Bigger Yanks, Cool G, Africana and others.
A UK based Jola band formed in 2007 with Musa Mboob on vocals, African percussion & Ousman Beyai on guitar, vocals and composition. In 2009 they will be touring around Europe & West Africa.
Ndaga / MbalaxYoussou N'Dour
Though Youssou N'Dour is not Gambian and is now an international superstar he loves to perform in Gambia as he says that the Senegalese & Gambians are in deed one and the same.
Music Links
Lots of further useful links to African and Gambian music & musicians.
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